Can I use it with conventional hearing aids?

Unfortunately, "αble-aid" cannot be used with hearing aids.
Since each of them has its own microphone and speaker, they may interfere with each other, making it difficult to hear.

For reference, there are people who use the following different methods.

■Hearing aid
・When you want to have a conversation in a quiet place
・When you want to talk with a specific person (e.g., family member, colleague)

・When you want to focus on the voice of the person you are meeting in a noisy place (communication focus function)
・When you want to use it as a wireless earphone (call and music functions)
・When you want to concentrate on your work at the office or at home (noise canceling function)

In addition, for those who want to see the difference between hearing aids and hearing aids before purchasing,
we regularly hold "αble Listening Sessions" at our office in Meguro, Tokyo.

If you are interested, please contact our support center.(

We are also preparing listening sessions for people living not only in Tokyo but also in other prefectures, provinces, and prefectures.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please wait a little longer.