We interviewed the creator of able !

The "laughter heard from today," the concept, we conducted the interview to the "creator" of αble aid to start a general availability in February 2020.

  • αble making "feelings" of hand 1 person (CEO) "advanced technology, deliver the customer's point of view."
  • αble making of hand "feelings" 2 person (application engineer) "IT is to imagine a poor person's smile."
  • αble making of hand "feelings" 3 person (WEB Engineer) "thoroughly snuggle up in trouble."
  •  αble making "feelings" of hand fourth person (Customer Support) "to infiltrate your voice to the team."


■About "αble-aid"

"αble" to hear. "αble" to laugh
"αble" to carry oral communication with people you care, no matter where you are
"αble-aid" is the newest audio-supporting device that helps you to enjoy sound in noisy place

■About "αble-EQ"

"αble" to become audible easily, whenever you wish
App. that can transform commercial earphone to a “sound collector”
Easy Audio Support App

■About this article

"αble" public relations: Tsuyoshi Komoto
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