able aid | User experiences#1 "Solving sound quality concerns with able EQ"

able aid experience #01

50s, Female

When I first used the "αble-aid", it sounded a bit muffled as I was used to the sound of other product.
However, after testing my hearing with the app ("αble-EQ") and customized the sound, the the muffless was gone and became comfortable to use.
I like it for its “reasonable price and easy customization”.

Q.How did you become interested in "αble-aid"?

I started using hearing aids after my daughter pointed out how loud the TV was. She has been using them for five years.
"At first it was just a sensation of not being able to hear the highs," but it got worse over the years and I had to make frequent adjustments to my hearing.
I felt that it was a burden to keep going to the store in between work and household chores, so when a friend introduced me to "αble", I was interested in the fact that I could easily adjust it with the app.

It's easy to hear in a busy place with lots of people talking!

When I first listened to them, they sounded a bit muffled and I found human speech difficult to hear, but after adjusting them with the special "smart phone app" ("αble-EQ"), I didn't feel any different.
The ability to customize your hearing by answering a simple one-minute hearing test is the most amazing thing ever.
The Communication Focus feature, which allows you to focus on the voice of the person you're meeting in a busy place, seemed too focused to me, but since you can change the strength of the focus with the smartphone app, I found it to be an excellent product for individual customization.

*The testimonials are my personal impressions. The effects may vary from person to person.

■About "αble-aid"

able to hear the laughter from today forward.
able to carry oral communication with people you care, regardless of where you are.
able aid is a new communication device with a unique focus feature that allows you to focus on the 'voice of the people you want to hear' in noisy places


Tsuyoshi Komoto
I'm in charge of customer support for the "αble" series.
With our motto "We want to be the closest to our customers," we regularly hold listening sessions and exhibitions.


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