able Testimonial #2: "Feeling the effects in a bustling place

able aid experience #02

60s, Male

I was able to listen to my family or friend’s voice in front of me in noisy environment. I was less stressed by the surrounding noise which came to me as a great surprise.
I very much like the concept, “to emphasize the sound you want to hear” rather than just making everything louder.
With its app (αble EQ), I was able to easily adjust the sound without physically visit stores which had been troublesome.

Q.How did you become interested in αble?

My family introduced me to it and I was interested in it.
I actually had a sudden hearing loss a few years ago and my hearing in my right ear is slowly declining.
Even though I felt a temporary recovery, I suddenly had trouble hearing again, and now I can't hear the person sitting on my right side very well.
I've had more and more trouble in pubs and meetings, and I've even used hearing aids, but in noisy places.
I returned it because I didn't feel the effects of the product. So, when my family introduced me to the Communication Focus feature, I was first interested in the I did.

You can optimize the way you hear to your own ears!

It makes it easier to hear the person you're meeting in a loud, lively place like a pub or cafe!
The adjustment app (αble EQ) was also useful. I was able to adjust my hearing easily at my fingertips, and even I was able to operate it easily.
What surprised me the most was the "sound quality" when using the music function. It's on par with or better than the wireless earbuds on the market.
They are cost effective and affordable and I can't wait for them to be released.

*The experience is my personal opinion. Effectiveness may vary from person to person.

■About αble aid

able to hear the laughter from today forward.
able to carry oral communication with people you care, regardless of where you are.
able aid is a new communication device with a unique focus feature that allows you to focus on the 'voice of the people you want to hear' in noisy places


Tsuyoshi Komoto
I'm in charge of customer support for the αble series.
With our motto "We want to be the closest to our customers," we regularly hold listening sessions and exhibitions.


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