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Is Noise Deteriorating Your Business Performance?

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Office Noise

Open offices are becoming more popular, and more businesspeople are concerned about noise.


freecle Inc. surveyed 464 businesspeople in Japan, Europe and the United States and found that "two 1 person was found to be stressed by everyday noise."
Office noise, in particular, is an issue that should not be overlooked, as it can lead to poor performance.

Chief Creative Officer

Author:Tsuyoshi Komoto

freecle Inc. / Exective Officer

Short-term memory is reduced by about 5% in noisy environments.

Do you find it difficult to concentrate on your work in your office because of the sound of the phone or the air conditioning?

According to the Acoustical Society of Japan, under noise, "short-term memory is reduced by about 5 percent."
Also, Plantronics Inc. surveyed 2,184 business people to find out if office noise When we conducted an awareness survey on "82% of the people surveyed on the subject, 82% of the people were able to concentrate at least once a day with no peeking noise. It was found that "they are disturbed".

About 14% of business people put up with noise

There are many ways to deal with this, listening to music, changing locations, changing the hours you work, freecle The aforementioned survey conducted by Inc. found that "about 14% of businesspeople are holding back." The reason for this was that "it is difficult to communicate with the people around me".
Many respondents cited "difficulty in communicating with the people around me" as the reason.
It seems that there may be no way to deal with this issue depending on the company and corporate culture.

Summary (Author's Thoughts)

I can't use headphones or earplugs in the office because I'm afraid of my surroundings. I (Komoto) was one of them.
During the day, we couldn't get work done, sometimes coming in early in the morning to work, and sometimes working late into the night. To be honest, it was very hard for me.

Recently, a solution using wireless earphones with "outside sound capture" and bone conduction speakers. will be added to the "αble" series one day. I am! I am.
(At the time of writing this article, I'm probably asking for the most. Sweat.)


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