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The iPhone's hearing aid and able-EQ are totally different!

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iPhone(画像説明文:iPhone の補聴機能は年々進化している)

The iPhone's hearing aid capabilities have evolved over the years.


"αble-EQ" is a product that allows users to easily optimize their hearing at home or in the office.
On the one hand, users like the fact that they can use not only our own product ("αble-aid") but also commercially available wireless earphones as sound collectors, and on the other hand, they ask, "What's the difference between it and the iPhone's hearing aid function? I've been asked this question a lot.
In this article, we're going to take a look at the "αble-EQ"'s commitment to Apple products through comparison.

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Author:Kenji Yamaoka

freecle Inc. / App Engineer

In fact, the "world's first" revolutionary smartphone app.

If you search for hearing aids in the Apple Store, dozens of applications with hearing aid capabilities, such as Petralex and Listening Device, show up.
All of these apps have one thing in common: they can be adjusted using "just" off-the-shelf earbuds.

Also, the applications that come with wireless sound collectors (e.g. Olive Union, Qbuds, BeethoSOL, HearPlus, hearingOS), which are slowly expanding around 2019, adjust their products "only" We have one thing in common: we can do it.

Why are you biased towards either commercial earphones or your own products?
There are two main reasons for this.

<Why is the use of the cochlear implant function limited to either commercially available earphones or our own products?>

① Small business merits :

From the perspective of a company with its own products, there is little merit in developing a function that can be adjusted by other companies' earphones as well.

② echnical difficulties:

Communication control and development hurdles are high due to the difference in communication standards (Bluetooth/BLE) between commercial earphones and our own products.

With all of these reasons, why is the "αble-EQ" adjustable in commercial earbuds?
It's what our customers say about us that counts.

Many people with hearing problems are interested in hearing aids, but they're concerned about their price tag.
Many say they are too expensive! The features aren't worth the price! He said.

"αble-EQ" was added to respond to this request, so that it can be used not only with our own products, but also with commercially available earphones.

<Why you can adjust "αble-EQ" with commercially available earphones>

① Company Culture:

The culture of prioritizing the customer's voice over business merits is ingrained in the organization (unthinkable in a large company!).

② High level of technology:

Experienced engineers who are well versed in communication control are employed in the company (an exaggeration!).

It may surprise some of you, but as of July 2020, "αble-EQ" is the only smartphone app in the world (as of July 2020) that can supplement both commercial earphones and our own products.
※We researched and reported similar apps in various countries at CES in January 2020, but please let us know if there are any errors in the information.

iPhone's hearing aid feature is not available on all earphones

The hearing aid function of iPhone is not available for all earphones as well.

<Earphones that can use the iPhone's hearing aid function>

The iPhone's hearing protection is so good that it allows you to adjust the left and right volume of your hearing aid to match your location and allows your audiologist to select environmental presets. (a.k.a. MFI Hearing Device Function)

On the other hand, it's not available for all earphones.

The "αble-EQ" has many other practical features as well

The "αble-EQ" has a number of other practical features as well "αble-EQ" can be used with commercially available earphones and also offers the following features

<Unique features of "αble-EQ" that are not included in the iPhone's hearing aid feature (example)>

  • You can test your hearing with a simple operation and check your hearing
  • Automatic adjustment of sound quality and volume to suit the hearing.
  • Some howling sounds can be suppressed.

The volume of each frequency can be adjusted with a peaking filter, and the sound quality of the feedback prevention can be adjusted with the voice chat mode.


As mentioned above, "αble-EQ" and the iPhone's supplementary hearing function are similar but have many differences.

About "αble-EQ"

I only want you to be able to hear better when you need to.
It's also easy. Easily.
"αble-EQ" is a smartphone app that allows you to optimize each function of the "αble" series.

able EQ アプリ