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Special coils are used to improve "sound quality"

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Surprisingly pleasant listening experience.


The"αble-aid" is a 'sound collector' dedicated to communication, a 'wireless earpiece' for music and calls, and a 'hearable device' with a focus feature that mutes and intensifies certain sounds.

This product is equipped with a special speaker to support multiple functions.
In this article, we'll show you how the"αble-aid" 's focus on "sound quality" is different from other products (earphones/hearing aids).

Chief Exective Officer

Author:Sosuke Kubo

freecle Inc. / Chief Exective Officer

Speakers are deep

In general, earphone speakers are called "dynamic speakers" which are powered by electricity.

It contains three components, a coil, a magnet, and a diaphragm, and it is called a "dynamic speaker".
When an electrical signal (voice data) is fed into the coil, the magnet vibrates, generating magnetic force that repels the diaphragm up and down, generating air vibrations that are transmitted to your ears.


It is made up of only three components, but the way you hear the sound can be greatly changed by changing the following elements.

  • Coil: Material, thickness, number of turns
  • Magnets: Composition, density, and coercive force
  • Diaphragm: Material and thickness

These three components have a big impact on the difference between earphones, such as the ability to hear heavy bass, human voices, and mechanical sounds.

For example, headphones are better suited than earbuds because they require a larger diaphragm to some extent in order to produce a heavy bass sound.
On the other hand, hearing aid speakers, which are designed to go deep into the ear, can hear the human voice clearly in the audio range (1,000 to 4,000 Hz), but are not suitable for low frequency output (for music).

Special loudspeakers selected by "αble-aid"

So what kind of speakers does the αble aid have?

As mentioned above, the αble aid, which is both a 'sound collector' and a 'wireless earpiece' specializing in communication, must be equipped with a speaker that can clearly output the voice range of the human voice (1,000Hz-4,000Hz) and enjoy the sound from the low to high frequencies.

The first thing we considered was a hearing aid speaker.
We ordered speakers from major international brands such as SONION and KNOWLES and considered introducing them.

The results showed that while the speakers could hear the human voice clearly, they lacked the output of the low frequency range, so we found that they were difficult to use in noisy/busy places because they could not muffle the sound of the low frequency range when implementing our unique patented technology (communication focus).

From this point on, we began in-house development of the speakers, ordering a variety of parts from Japan and other countries and repeating trials and tests.
How could we achieve both the characteristics of a sound collector and a wireless earphone?

What we finally arrived at was the introduction of Japanese coils.
We found that just changing the material (a certain Japanese manufacturer) made a dramatic difference, even with the same thickness and number of turns.

We are still in the middle of our journey, but we will continue to pursue improvements in sound quality and realize a world where everyone can enjoy conversation in a busy place.
We invite you to give "αble" a listen and experience the difference from the competition!

About "αble-aid"

You can hear it. So, it's funny.
Voice communication with your loved ones, no matter where you are.
"αble-aid" is a new communication device with a unique focus function that allows you to focus on the "voice of the person you want to hear" in noisy places.

able EQ アプリ