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Helping people who can't access the store

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senile deafness

Over 90% of people feel more than a little burdened by going to the store


"αble-EQ" is a product that allows you to optimize your "hearing" in the comfort of your home or office.
Purchasers of the "αble" series receive all the features of "αble-EQ" for free.
This product was created to help people who can't get to the store.

Chief Exective Officer

Author : Sosuke Kubo

freecle Inc. / Chief Exective Officer

Hearing tests and adjustments in the store are burdensome.

In October 2018, before we launched "αble-aid" through crowdfunding, we conducted depth interviews.

Of the listening session participants, we interviewed about 60 people who were aware of hearing challenges and their hearing adjustment needs, and found that "more than 90% of them felt more than a little burdened to go to the store".

<Actual voice (excerpt)>

  • I can't go there easily because I have to adjust my schedule with my family.
  • Busy with work and difficult to schedule
  • If you include the round trip time, it will take longer.

At this time, all the members who have a family member with a hearing loss shared the need for the app, and it was decided to develop an additional one in a hurry.

Thoughts on an app that can optimize the way you hear ("αble-EQ" )

When you experience the much-hyped "voice guidance product that allows you to adjust your hearing,"
About 60% said it was better than going to a store and about 40% said they were worried because they did not know when the test would start.

Those looking into the hearing test were concerned that their hearing might be lower than last time.

On the other hand, we realized that with voice guidance, it is difficult to understand the "start of the test", but in a store, it is easy to understand because a person will give you a hand signal.

This is where "αble-EQ"(a smartphone app) was born.
We worked to alleviate users' anxiety by visually explaining the start of the test in a way that would be easy to understand.

It took a lot of work to develop In the end, about 85% of the respondents gave us a positive review, which led to the commercialization of the product.


About "αble-EQ"

I only want you to be able to hear better when you need to.
It's also easy. Easily.
"αble-EQ" is a smartphone app that allows you to optimize each function of the "αble" series.

able EQ アプリ